The Hand Center Announces the Retirement of Dr. Trzcinski

and the

Closure of The Hand Center 

Dr. Douglas Trzcinski is announcing his retirement as of April 19, 2024.  The Hand Center will also be closing. Patients needing assistance with hand conditions should establish care with the hand surgeon of their choice or can contact the Medical Society of Virginia at 1-800-746-6768 for local hand surgeon options.  With written patient authorization, a copy of the medical record will be available at 6160 Kempsville Cir., Suite 102A Norfolk, VA or by calling 757-461-8300 before April 19, 2024.

            After April 19, requests for records can be accomplished by contacting The Hand Center EMR Custodian:

                                      Online: > Patient Records Requests > Request My Medical Records.

                                      Email: or call 833-888-0061 for questions.

                                      Note: There is a nominal processing fee for all medical record requests after April 19, 2024.

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